Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 1-2 Review

A young lady is being taken in a rescue vehicle, panting for breath, in torment, with foam leaving her mouth; the young lady in all likelihood is Pakeeza. The story at that point begins with a kid meets young lady in school, they are enamored and the young lady has a place with a family that does not “love marriage.” Sounds buzzword? All things considered, there is a whole other world to the story. Sami Khan is playing Hamza who is from a rich family and is enamored with Pakeeza who is played by Sonya Hussyn. Pakeeza is a joyful young lady, who any young lady can relate to, sort of a young lady nearby. She has a more established sister, Kinza, performed extremely well by Nadia Khan who is influencing her re-to make a big appearance after right around 10 years to acting. She was obviously connected with once by her decision, and he life partner jettisoned her following 4 years, which did not settle well with her mom Saba Hameed who is a dowager and is thusly normally worried about her little girls’ marriage, regard and respect. At that point there is “school companions,” one of whom is Ramsha who is a shared companion of Hamza and Pakeeza and is keen on Hamza regardless of staying alert that Hamza has no such goals. This was the prelude of the story.

The initial two scenes set the story for the up and coming sensational scenes. The principal scene of the dramatization blew my mind. It was the power of the scene and the way it was shot that made it so genuine that I felt for Pakeeza’s character immediately. My heart was pulsating quick while I expected the forthcoming scenes that were appeared in the promo. I had a protuberance in my throat when Hamza conveyed Pakeeza to the clinic and was looking out for her, stressed for her, and needed to see her equitable once. Aisi Hai Tanhai The adoration appeared amongst Hamza and Pakeeza was charming, sensible and all around performed by both Sami Khan and Sonya Hussyn. It was reviving to see Hamza visit Pakeeza’s mom and clear his position on their relationship, and influenced her to comprehend that he is not kidding about wedding Pakeeza. It was sweet the way Hamza specified that he has not even once attempted to exploit Pakeeza since they have known each other.

This scene likewise made it clear that a touch of misconception between two individuals can make a huge issue, from which now and again it may be hard to turn out. It began with a schoolmate submitting suicide that prompted a contention about “confide in issues” that provoked Pakeeza to make the stride of taking unseemly pictures of herself on her telephone (I am accepting) and exhibiting to Hamza to “demonstrate” that she believes him. That telephone, because of an accident, went under the control of the wrong individuals, and the photos will most likely be transferred on a social site for the whole world to see. How Hamza probably been longing that he had never got into a contention with Pakeeza; that he had not been determined about getting some information about whether she believes him or not? Is it accurate to say that it wasn’t verification enough that she was with him throughout the previous four years for Hamza? That she covers her head when outside, originates from a moderate family, yet hangs out with him on his bicycle without supposing who may see her? Activities talk louder than words, and Pakeeza’s activities obviously demonstrated that she depended herself with Hamza and did not require some other approval. In the event that he had not made a mountain out of a molehill, the greater part of this would have never happened.

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