Great About ConvertKit

Would you be able to utilize Leadpages and ConvertKit together?

Starting a week ago, the appropriate response is an unequivocal yes. Presently, whenever you assemble a page in Leadpages’ new simplified developer, you’ll have the choice to interface it to your ConvertKit Review.

That implies you can utilize Leadpages to supplement your blog with high-changing over presentation pages, at that point naturally include everybody who selects into your greeting pages to your ConvertKit email records.

Also, that is recently the begin of how these two apparatuses—each planned by bloggers in light of bloggers—cooperate. Read on to perceive how joining them can help grow your gathering of people.

Of late we’ve seen a theme at Leadpages. In the previous couple of months, when we’ve reported something new, it appears like individuals have run to the remarks to state:

“Indeed, incredible—yet when are you going to incorporate with ConvertKit?”

ConvertKit is a more up to date email benefit with a striking late development direction. It gloats a great many clients, the majority of whom appear to be passionate fans.

What makes ConvertKit not quite the same as the various email advertising administrations out there? It begins with its crowd: proficient bloggers and substance makers.


While you can discover bloggers joyfully utilizing pretty much every email promoting stage, ConvertKit is unique in that it was intended for bloggers from The very first moment. Organizer Nathan Barry fabricated the organization to blend all the email promoting highlights that were most vital to him as a blogger. (His backstory makes him to some degree like Leadpages’ own author, Mud Collins, who ran the prevalent Advertising Show blog before understanding that perusers required great promoting apparatuses significantly more than they required showcasing instruction.)

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