Information Recovery Case Study – Western Digital My Passport 2tb

Information Recovery Scenario:

The customer announced that while unplugging the drive from the USB port that lived on a rack over the customer’s work area the drive was dropped and fell around sixteen (16) inches. The customer, understanding that this episode may have harmed the drive connected the drive back to check whether the drive was perceived. Upon introduction the drive spun up, buzzed a bit and after that vibrated. The drive showed up in plate chief as “unallocated”.

Specialists introductory reaction and conclusion:

All drives that have had any kind of sudden stun or effect are quickly given to a spotless room specialist for examination. It is basic that the drive not be fueled up without an intensive examination of the outside and also the inward parts of the drive. data recovery Tampa Florida There are various inconveniences that can follow if in truth the drive is fueled up before the examination has been finished. In this specific case there is a high likelihood that the read compose heads would be removed as well as misaligned and if the drive is controlled on can in certainty begin to expose what’s underneath of the drive and make a total recuperation for all intents and purposes unthinkable.

After the review of this present customer’s drive it was discovered that head one (1) of an eight (8) drive head stack was unstuck (See Figure 1). In spite of the fact that the heads were in the recreation center position one can see that if the drive had been controlled on then the culpable head could have in actuality scratched the platter.

Getting to the drive interface:

This specific model of drive is a standard USB 3.0 drive and all things considered the USB interface is a piece of the PCB. Keeping in mind the end goal to access the IDE interface and have the capacity to issue ATA summons which are fundamental for this specific sort of recuperation the PCB must be altered. The change incorporates guaranteeing that the firmware and head mapping operations are the same as the first USB board. After finishing the development of the new interface board (See Figure 2) the drive is fueled on to affirm that there is a perfect and unhampered correspondence way from the board to the IDE interface.

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