Just how aggressive is Kentucky Blue Grass?

I have an undertaking made arrangements for my patio this fall, yet was planning to get some guidance before I put loads of time and cash into it.

The patio is 5-7k square feet, for the most part sandy soil, and houses a double septic tank framework and deplete field. One of the tanks of the septic framework is just secured by around 1/4″ to 1/2″ of sand/weed blend. sods st. john’s The yard is frightfully rough and uneven so it needs some real leveling. This spring I did some minor leveling and put down some nonexclusive Kentucky Bluegrass seed in a portion of the uncovered patches.

To the task: This fall I will likely acquire top soil and utilize it to “topdress” and furthermore level out the low spots (which may slaughter a significant part of the hidden grass). I have a drag execute for my yard trimmer which will make the activity less demanding. I intend to give the yard a butch cut and afterward spread the dirt. After it is level, I want to over seed with Kentucky Bluegrass. (Thinking Scotts bluegrass blend) in actuality, I am planning to kind of “supplant” the current garden by covering it and replanting Kentucky Bluegrass.

The issue: At the present time the yard isn’t loathsome, however has huge patches of each sort of weed known to man (affirm, only one out of every odd kind) On the off chance that I work the yard well pulling weeds for a few days before I go into the task, will the kentucky bluegrass be sufficiently forceful to in the end drive the extra gets rid of the yard? I am not intrigued by utilizing Round Up to murder the entire yard first before replanting, as I am endeavoring to go for the more natural and family well disposed approach. I additionally need to abstain from working the entire yard, as there is bunches of stuff to harm obviously covered directly under the surface. One alternative I may utilize is to specifically apply Weed B Gone in the most exceedingly terrible zones fourteen days before the venture.

Not searching for flawlessness, just to add some great rich soil to the yard, level out the knocks, and decrease the quantity of weeds. Musings/thoughts? Proposals on great mixes of Kentucky Bluegrass? I am in Leslie, Michigan. Zone 5b.

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