Protective Driving in Arizona

Synopsis: Arizona Defensive Driving and Traffic School Courses

The Arizona Supreme Court supports protective driving courses for:

Have a movement ticket or minor infringement rejected.

Abstain from amassing driving record focuses.

Procure an accident protection rebate.

On the other hand, an activity survival school (TSS) is expected for drivers who have conferred a genuine petty criminal offense or amassed an excessive number of driving record focuses. Activity school isn’t the same as an Arizona guarded driving course.

On this page you’ll discover data about Arizona cautious driving courses and movement survival school (TSS), Arizona traffic school and in addition your alternatives for finishing a course and the means you’ll have to take once you pass.

Cautious Driving in Arizona

Cautious driving courses can be taken on the web or in a classroom setting and are accessible to both Arizona drivers and out-of-state drivers who have submitted a petty criminal offense in Arizona.

Advantages of finishing a cautious driving course include:

Rejecting your movement ticket.

Keeping away from extra driving record focuses.

Keeping away from expanded auto protection rates.

Contact the Arizona Supreme Court or the AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) area close you for data about protective driving courses accessible to you.

Reject AZ Traffic Tickets

You’ll be qualified to utilize a protective driving course to expel a movement ticket on the off chance that you:

Have not utilized a protective driving course to expel a ticket inside the previous a year.

Are just rejecting 1 infringement.

Were not in a mishap that included genuine damage or passing.


Hold a non-business driver’s permit.

Finish the course no less than 7 days under the steady gaze of your booked court date.

NOTE: If you are not an Arizona inhabitant, you should arrange with an Arizona-endorsed guarded driving school on the off chance that you need to finish an out-of-state course.

For a total rundown of affirmed cautious driving courses for activity references got from the Paradise Valley Municipal Court, please visit the Paradise Valley Municipal Court list on the AZ legal branch site.

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